Room In The Inn Lexington - Providing hospitality with a respect that offers hope.

Core Values

Through the power of spirituality and the practice of love, Room In The Inn provides hospitality with a respect that offers hope in a community of non-violence.



ROOM IN THE INN-LEXINGTON is a seasonal winter ministry for homeless men of the greater Lexington area. Our heart and soul are the area congregations who, on a rotating basis, offer the grace of hospitality by welcoming small groups of homeless men into their doors every night of the winter season from November until March annually. Our ministry began in the Winter 2003-04 Season with only 4 churches hosting 12-14 homeless men 4 nights each week offering . We now have 26 congregations providing hospitality and shelter to approximately 24 Guests nightly. Our sole mission is to be the heart, the hands, and the face of Jesus Christ to those we serve by offering unconditional love and fellowship to those who are otherwise ostracized by society.


ROOM IN THE INN Lexington’s ministry was born over 10 years ago in response to a cease-and-desist order issued by the LFUCG against a local church who began offering food and shelter in their basement during the coldest nights of the winter. In response to the City’s action, we formed a small delegation that traveled to Nashville to evaluate the ROOM IN THE INN NASHVILLE ministry. The Nashville ministrybegan in 1986 under the leadership of Father Charles Stroble, with 4 churches. It is now Nashville’s second largest shelter with over 200 host congregations participating. 


Room In The Inn-Lexington, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit governed by a Board of Directors.